Monday, 5 September 2011

World of bloggers.

Hello,  my name is Brooke. 

A little information about me I am 21 years old and live in Adelaide, Australia.
I am currently working a office job, I hope to get into Uni but am still not 100% sure as to what I want to study. 
A few of my interests are -  fashion, photography, art, make up, hair, keeping active, socialising etc.

I don't really have a reason as to why I have started blogging; only that I love fashion and photography blogs and thought i could start one of my own.

The name 'Sav Fleur' isn't short for anything, to be honest I got the word Sav from my favourite type of wine 'Sauvignon Blanc' and Fleur means flower - and I love flowers. So, basically I shortened sauv to sav and added fleur.     
 'Sav Fleur' 


Brooke x

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