Monday, 3 October 2011

Well, thats over.

I can not be more relieved, my 21st party is over. I had it on the 30/9 and I am exhausted.

You wouldn't believe what happened, everything that could of gone wrong... did...

I brought this beautiful Cameo dress but it was a little big so I took it to get taken in....
picked it up from the tailors Wednesday (2 days before the party) and one side was too tight and the bottom cut outs were un even... I couldn't believe it. So the next day at work I spoke to the tailor and told him what had happened and that it needed to be fixed on Friday (because he didn't do late night trading)

That night I needed to get my hair toned... went to my hairdresser that I had only been going to for the last couple of weeks.. I asked to have my hair toned a cream/beige colour.. (I used to be a hairdresser) and I thought she would of known what i had meant.. 
After she had toned it she lightly blow dried it because I didn't have time to stay, I had to pick up shoes. (which were fabulous by the way)
When I finally got home and looked in the mirror... I saw my hair... Panic.
I jumped into the shower and washed my hair 7 times with shampoo.. trying to budge this toner out.

When I blow dried it... it was silver, grey and green. I had NEVER seen my hair that colour.
I was in tears (as pathetic as that seems) it was just my luck i could not believe it.

That night I decided, this has to be fixed. I don't care how... but it has to be done.

After a very restless night (because my party was the following night) I woke up with one thing in mind... my hair.

I took the dress back to get fixed... he said he couldn't do it and that if he did it will only make it worse.
Okay... I thought it will be fine and it doesn't even look that noticeable...
My spray tan was at 10 am while i was to the salon I past a hairdressers called Yellow Strawberry... ran in and explained to them what had happened... they could not understand what had happened... they said they could fix it..
I had my spray tan and ran back down... to the hairdressers... they had to bleach bath my hair to strip out the toner.. they showed me what it looked like in the basin it was BLONDE again! they toned it down to a creamy/beige blonde and gave me an amazing blow-dry! I was so lucky... that was the only appt they had that day...
After all that I knew the worst was over... I picked out my balloons for the night, painted my nails and had my makeup appointment at Ingot (they are nothing short of amazing) i recommend them for make overs any day!
The night came and I was running a little late my make up appointment was at 4 and it finished at 445. I had to be at the venue at least by 6 and set up as my guests were coming at 7. I hit really bad traffic coming out of the city... I finally got home close to 6 had to run around doing the last finishing touches to my hair etc. We (my family and I) got to the venue set up everything... and it was perfect.. guests started to arrive the drinks were flowing everything was as it should of been.

I had an amazing night :) I was so grateful and now I am so relieved that it is over.. and my bank account can start looking healthy again...

Really need to save for a
 digital SLR.... 
a mimco bag... 
 a holiday :P

Hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend!


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